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Training Course
Effectively Using Vision Pro for Classroom Management Solution  

Course Code : DW002

Duration:3 hrs

Fee : HK$1,800

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Course Objectives

Through exercises and practices in the class, 3 hours course will cover the topics on how to use the features of NetOp Vision Pro on a school environment. These features allow teacher to have a perfect tool to create an interactive classroom environment, and to provide you with all the features needed to turn a PC based network into a powerful learning environment.


Monitor the progress of students as they work, dual keyboard and mouse functions allow you to assist and instruct students on each PC, all from the comfort of your own seat.


Share the contents of any screen - teacher or student - with one , several or all in the classroom simultaneously. Choose full screen demo mode, for complete control , or send demo in a window for students to carry out your instructions step-by-step.


File transfer feature can send and receive files from student PCs, launch program feature to start programs on all student PCs simultaneously with a single command. Also, a feature allowing students to ask for your attention without interrupting the whole class. Remote boot, lock of keyboard and mouse during demo and remote control sessions are other convenient features for the teacher.

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