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2022/05/24 Classroom Management Made Easy with NetOp Vision

Posting Date: 2022/05/24

Classroom Management Made Easy with NetOp Vision

When you talk classroom management software, you're talking NetOp Vision Pro . Teachers across the globe rely on it, and why? Because Vision Pro offers tools for teaching that are easy to use, even for a first-time user. Classroom management has been proven to improve student achievement and it makes integrating technology in the classroom more intuitive - with a clean, simple toolbar that puts a rich variety of powerful tools in your hands.

Teachers can do the following from their Windows teacher computer:

See thumbnails of the Mac student computers to supervise student activity and progress
Use Demo to share your teacher screen with the class or specific student
Use Live View to view a live image of a student screen in a separate window
Use Remote Control to take control of a student computer from your teacher Windows machine
Use Blank Screen to disable keyboard and mouse, and display a standard image on Mac student computers.
Use Lock Web to block web access for an individual student, a group, or the entire class and moreK

For more information or request a FREE trial of NetOp Vision, please feel contact ITOK's reseller or call ITOK at (852)2566 5810