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Training Course
Effectively Using MassEasy for Email & SMS broadcast 

Course Code : ME001

Djuration:Half Day

Fee : HK$780

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Course Objectives

Effectively using MassEasy: This course is designed to help you start using MassEasy for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by email & SMS marketing as quickly as possible. This course teaches you how to create your own marketing campaign, specify the data source, load the content template (in text or HTML) and attachments (if required) and save the campaign and schedule a new task immediately or at a scheduled date/time.

Who Should Attend?

Business Analysts, Marketing Managers, Sales Manager, IT Professional and any end users of eMarketing.



Topics to be covered in this half-day course include:


Create a campaign


Understanding the campaign


Import database files for data source


Filter database source


Load email content (in text & HTML)


Add attachment(s)


Insert Header/Footer


Campaign reusability


Create a task immediately


Create a task at a scheduled date/time.

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