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After the success in developing our own corporate web site �� www.itok.com �� in October, 1997, we Believe in the prospect of e-business and system development. In October 1998, we officially established the ��System Development Division�� of the system developers and web professionals to provide complete e-Business solutions and application development. ITOK is expertise in large-scaled web-based applications, especially the dynamic, global, database driven, and personalized solutions. The most popular IT job search website - �� www.JobEasy.com �� and the largest B2C on-line DVD, VCD & CD store - �� www.DVDshelf.com ��in Hong Kong are the best reference site to show our capabilities and the implementation of advanced technologies into the web applications.

Successful Cases in Web Application & System Development

  • 3MeShop.hk ( www.3MeShop.hk): B2C online store of 3M
  • Buyoyo.com ( www.Buyoyo.com ) B2B&B2C online store of Blu-ray/DVD/CD/VCD/AV devices
  • Chevignon-hk.com ( www.chevignon-hk.com ) Fancy & fashionable clothing web
  • JobEasy.com ( www. JobEasy.com ) Job search/application/matching
  • Marykay.com.hk ( www. Marykay.com.hk ) : Online store of eMarketing software package
  • MassEasy.com ( www. MassEasy.com) : Online store of eMarketing software package
  • ITSD, HKSAR Government Centralized Internet Gateway Analysis System - analyze the Internet traffic & usage of staff from all departments & a web-based reporting server.
  • SysEasy.com ( www.syseasy.com) (Owned by ITOK): B2B/B2C online store of Networking & eMarketing software
  • TrendsAudio.com ( www.TrendsAudio.com) : Online store of Hi-Fi products

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